About Product:
Heera Nutmeg Whole is directly procured from the Nutmeg tree which is a native Indonesian tree. Nutmegs have a nutty and sweet flavour that is used in various cuisines. It is a major ingredient in various spice blends including Garam Masala and Pumpkin pie spice and is also used as a garnish. Garnish your cappuccino with Heera Nutmeg Whole.
About brand:
Heera Nutmeg Whole is brought to you by PB Foods Limited, a leading ethnic and oriental food importer and wholesale distributor in the UK and throughout Europe. It has a wide range of brands like Heera, Balah, Rishta, etc., supplying high-quality rice, spices, spice powder, snacks, tinned food products, etc. Heera Nutmeg Whole is a very aromatic and healthy product by PB Foods that brings joy to every household.


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